Bring Your Alter Ego to Life with Darling Hair!


For whatever reason, many people choose to adopt a “second self,” or alter ego. Beyoncรฉ Knowles has sexy Alter Ego – Sasha Fierce, Mariah Carey has her fun side Alter Ego – Mimi and Nicki Minaj has a total of 15 Alter Egos to boot.

Darling Hair would like to bring your Alter Ego to life, with the launch of their limited edition Bold & Bright Yaki Braid Range, which will take place at Soweto Fashion Week between the 23- 26 November 2016 at the Soweto Theatre.

Transform into your strong, sassy, sexy, super-confident and fearless self, with the Darlingโ€™s Bold & Bright Yaki Braid Collection and you could win a hair and fashion make-over by the Darling Mod Squad.

The Bold & Bright Yaki Braid Collection is a concept inspired by a combination of the sweet, colourful, fun and addictive Bold & Bright Yaki Braid candies This braid range is all about BOLDNESS, FUN and addictive PSYCHEDELIC colours to bring much needed braid excitement this season.

These are available in 3 sweet solid colours as well as ombres.

The colours are: Electric Blue, Royal Purple, Olive Green offering versatile styling by bringing colour to box braids, twists, cornrows, buns, fishtail braids and any other braided styles in-between; long, medium or short.

One can opt for one or two colours in multiple shades or go big with psychedelic rainbow colours.

Colours can be worn in full, it can be blended with 2 or more other colours or as streaks/highlights.

The 3 ombres of blue, purple and green come with #1 base which helps black hair to blend.

For more information about the Alter Ego campaign and Bold & Bright Yaki Braid Collection visit:

As South Africaโ€™s leading manufacturers and distributors of hair extensions, Darling Hair continues to keep women updated with the latest hair trends and styles and we are excited to see everyoneโ€™s alter egos come to life, concludes Pearle Peane, Brand Manager Darling Hair South Africa


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