Step Out With Your Darling with Darling Hair This Valentines โ™ฅ

Valentineโ€™s Day is upon us and the least of your worries should be choosing the best hairstyle to fit in with your plans. Fortunately, there are quite a few sultry and romantic natural hair extensions to create a stunning look for any occasion from Darling.

As hair extension experts, Darling continues to bring the latest tips and trends for you on how to best style your hair.

For the fashion forward ladies who love a bit of colour, the Darling Sorbet range will add some funk into your look and give that youthful confidence for the perfect, fun night out. This range consists of  Soft pink, blue and purple hair extensions that can be styled in long twists, box braids or up-dos.

If you want to achieve a natural yet sophisticated and classy look for that special dinner date with your partner this Valentines, Darlingโ€™s Out of Africa range is the perfect choice. This range includes the Kingston braid, popular because it blends in seamlessly, bearing a striking resemblance to kinky/curly hair texture.

If you want a look that lasts longer – perfect for a romantic weekend away, braids are the best option. Darling has created a convenient new line called the Senegalese twist as part of its Natural hair range. Worn by celebrities such as Brandy, this hair gives women an instant โ€˜wow factorโ€ because of its slick look and feel. The crochet method is widely used across various continents and has become popular due to the little strain it causes when itโ€™s applied to your natural hair.

The hair is long lasting which in turn gives it a break from day-to-day styling, making sure you turn heads wherever you go!

โ€œDarling hair extensions are distinctively produced to cater for every African womenโ€™s hair care needs.  Our brand is dedicated to enhancing the way women look and feel, making the Darling Hair range suitable for all occasions,โ€ adds Pearle Peane, Darlingโ€™s Senior Brand Manager

Let Darling add a bit of spice to your love life with these fabulous hairstyles, giving women one less thing to worry about this Valentineโ€™s!


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  1. I really like that purple color! So vivid. I’d like to have purple hair for a day. It might freak out my family if it was any longer than that haha


    1. You must try it! Nothing refreshing like coloured hair ๐Ÿ™‚


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