#MyNaturalCrown πŸ‘‘ : Meet Ntswaki Malebo

The big chop was mandatory because of my traditional beliefs. And when I did the amount of damage on my scalp was worrying.Β  There was aΒ thick layer of dandruff and patches on areas that would quickly feel the heat of chemicals.Β  I was saddened and I vowed to never put chemicals on my hair.


In no time my hair was growing and I was going through a “what do I do with this hair” phase, and mama would hook me up with quick plait using needle and wool.Β  A lazy attempt ya research on natural hair put me off (sharing my breakfast with my crown was somewhat tabooπŸ™ˆπŸ˜.) My hair grew regardless, fortunately for me. Β I had accepted dandruff as part of my crown since anti dandruff shampoo/ hairfood were not of any help.


I am yet to pour coconut oil on my life, in the meantime, I use a product made from essential oils and other natural goodies in an attempted to combat dandruff. Wash are days overwhelming and air-drying is good for my hair and bad for my ego (I wanna show length πŸ˜’). I’m talking baby steps to a healthily maintained crown.

I am blessed with beautiful thick black hair, I do bare minimum to maintain yet it’s always representing, so on graduation day it was only fitting that I honour my ever so loyal crown.

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