Girls In Formation Event | 09 September 2017

Girls In Formation is a concept initiated to host a girl’s only seminar where we discuss all things relating to being a young woman in our generation. More often than not, I have literally come across young ladies within the same age group as I am that are simply not encouraged when it comes to moving forward, all because of their circumstances.


Girls In Formation is a platform that I have created that I would like to spark a change in the minds and ultimately lives of young women. The focus is on young women in my immediate community but I would like for it to grow beyond the borders of Alexandra. An empowered woman is unstoppable hence we cannot place boundaries on her capabilities more so on her ability to influence and empower others. In as much as it is about learning, the event also aims to encourage self-introspection and how we can develop ourselves from within.

As women we spend a lot of time helping and building others we forget to nature our own needs, but more importantly we forget how to love ourselves. Girls In Formation wants us to get back to creating a change in how we love ourselves, what we want from the world and how we start doing just that. That’s the point, to inspire the need to want to change.


To inspire. To encourage. To motivate.

Mission behind the concept is to inspire our young ladies to want to do better and to be better for themselves, those around them and eventually, the whole world.


The idea is to help young women with self-acknowledgment, self-acceptance and have them effectively implement all the knowledge from the event into their lives. No one ever gained anything from sitting on knowledge. I hope that with the array of speakers that I would like to attend, our young girls leave the seminar with the same mission to inspire, to encourage and to motivate.

Date: 09 September 2017
Time: From 10am to 2pm
Venue: Vantage Point, Alexandra Township



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